Radical Passions
A Memoir of Revolution and Healing

Kendall Hale

“Radical Passions” is a riveting account of Kendall Hale's journey through the politics, the music, the borders, and the spirituality of the last five decades. The author takes you right along with her as she protests on the barricades during the tumultuous 1960s, works in a shipyard with 5,000 men in the 1970s, builds a health clinic in Nicaragua in the 1980s, turns 50 in Peru in 2000, and searches for inner peace and balance every step of the way. These pages reveal how Kendall did indeed fulfill her destiny as a seeker/warrior- and to the reader's good fortune is now a writer as well. Don't miss it.

-- Max Elbaum, author,
“Revolution in the Air”

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