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Take Back the Hill
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New Harmony Sisterhood Band Reunion!
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Recorded live on March 28, 1981 at Paine Hall, Cambridge, MA

Katie Tolles
Katie Tolles
Marcia Deihl
Marcia Deihl
Deborah Silverstein
Deborah Silverstein
Kendall Hale
Kendall Hale
Pat Ouellette
Pat Ouellette

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1. No Nukes / Hanging Tree - by Pat DeCou & Tex LaMountain
2. Chile - by Deborah Silverstein
3. Ode to a Gym Teacher - by Meg Christian
4. Why Do You Bob Your Hair? - by Blind Alfred Reed
5. Fat Farm - by Pat Ouellette and Katie Tolles
6. I'm Settled - by Marcia Deihl
7. Lolita Lebrun - by Kendall Hale
8. Amelia Earhart - by Dave McEnery
9. Ain't No Way - by Hazel Dickens
10. Abortion - by Deborah Silverstein
11. I'm Tired of Fuckers - by Bev Grant
12. Can You Imagine? - by Katie Tolles
13. Yard Bird - by Kendall Hale
14. Same Line on Love - by Deborah Silverstein
15. World In Their Pocket / If You Love Me - by Malvina Reynolds
16. I Wasn't Surprised - by Kristine Lems
17. Still Ain't Satisfied - by Bonnie Lockhart

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